Bike Rental, Cycling Holidays and Bike Tours in Sardinia

  • Sardinia Outdoor Garden & Bike Center

     is a branch office inside Sun Events S.r.l. 

    Sardinia is the ideal region for Outdoor Activities and Adventure Holidays: Cycling Holidays and Bike Tours for sportive cyclists; Bike Rental and Bicycle Trip including all-round services, rental high quality bikes as Road and Mountain Bike etc., on the whole island; Bike Holidays and Cycling Tour Packages including accommodation in our Partner Hotels and delivery of the rented bike all over Sardinia. 

    Cycling in Sardinia

     Sardinia Outdoor Garden & Bike Center is your Expert for Bike Rental, Cycling Holidays and Bike Tours in Sardinia

     Sardinia Outdoor Garden & Bike Center allows you to live the emotions, the island is offering the whole year round. We are able to offer you also skilled staff and guides, in order to face any of your needs.

    Cycling the whole year round with perfect weather conditions

    Having a look around in the world, Sardinia offers, without any doubt, the ideal weather conditions for cycling.  Even during the coldest months in a year, i.e. January and February, you will quite often live the surprise of  spring-like temperatures: a paradise for all those, who want to spend an active holiday or a cycling tour surrounded by a marvellous landscape. 

    Sardinia’s asphalt roads…

    The good quality of the roads‘ surfaces, allow us to take you even inside unknown parts of the island, far away from the noise of the big cities.

     Off-road tracks

    Sardinia is made of off-road tracks and single trails, continuously changing landscapes, but always with mountains and sea close by hand. The silence surrounding you will be broken only by the noise of your wheels passing on the off- road tracks and the sound of the wind caressing the trees. Technically different routes will be for you  more or less challenging.

     The terrain and the landscape

    Sardinia’s terrain is miscellaneous, sometimes flat, but always offering both  slopes and hills. The island’s richness is the rapid changing of the landscape: at the sea level you will meet the sun and the rocks shaped by the wind and in the mountainous region deep canyons and unique woods. But Sardinia offers  also the most beautiful beaches and holiday destinations in the world, often surrounded by intact hills and spacious mountains: an ideal base for cycling holidays and bike tours.

    However you like cycling, please be aware you will always find a perfect bike. It will be operative and ready for your adventure. Furthermore we have a wide choice of accessories, as saddlebags and rear racks, as well as pedals and lamps.We change and update our bike park every year and you can  see all available bike types on our website.

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    Our Leitmotiv: Sardinia close at hand…. with a Bike Ride too!