Hotel Su Gologone****

The 4 stars Hotel Su Gologone, is situated 104 km from the airport Olbia Costa Smeralda, in Oliena inside the heart of the region called Barbagia, an oasis rich in charme, where you breath the spirit of Sardinia everywhere.

From here you can walk among the wild paths surrounded by dense vegetation or in twenty minutes you can  reach the beautiful beach of Cala Cartoe. The rooms are "unique", because they are all different in colour, accessories, exposure and traditional furnishings. Here you can make a trip into the traditional cuisine coming in touch with aromas and flavours of this region. You can assist the preparation of traditional breads and see the ancient techniques of cooking meat on the spit. Here is the place where different hand-made creations called "Gologone Style" were born: wonderful stoles, fine embroidered fabrics, objects made of iron and wood, ceramics of extraordinary shape and colours. The aromatic herbs, prickly pears, olive trees and the overpowering beauty of geraniums, hydrangeas and bougainvillea embrace the guest and bring him to say, "This place is really unique ...".